How to Hire a Private Investigator

You need to hire a private investigator but where do you start? Finding a detective takes work but a few simple steps are all it takes to get enough information on someone to see if they might be right for your needs.

Start by looking for highly rated investigators near you by asking for recommendations and by reading reviews online. Look for detectives that specialize in the areas you need them for such as finding lost family members, stolen property, conducting background checks on employees or checking up on cheating spouses. We learned from a company that blogs ( how using a private detective firm on a questionable employee saved them thousands.

Check their license if a license is required in your state, and make sure that the PI has a physical office at a real address. Move on if they do their business out of a local coffee shop only! They should also carry sufficient insurance coverage.

Call or visit the detectives in your area that check out with this basic information. Ask them what their confidentiality agreement is. They need to be discreet about the information that they gather, and they need to retain it in properly kept records. If you feel comfortable with the person while speaking with them this is a good indication that they are the right PI for you.

Get a written contract from them. It must contain the details about what work will be done when it will be done and how it will be done. It should also indicate the anticipated fees and costs for services.

Taking the time to research investigators is worthwhile because you will be more likely to succeed in getting the information you need. Be aware that you have to prepare yourself for what the PI might uncover. If you are sure you can handle the facts that they find, then hire the detective to start working on your behalf.